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Maroon Fabert is about feeling luxurious, confident, chic and fabulous. We as Maroon Fabert work tirelessly to meet customer needs both professionally and effectively - in line with its corporate values of integrity and trust. The manufacturing facility utilizes a combination of handwork, machine-work and advanced technology to produce the finest high quality, original, exclusive jewelry. 
Gemstone jewelry


We understand that buying jewelry is all about trust. Our philosophy is to offer the best selection of original design jewelry, combined with extraordinary quality and unique experience. We have a fabulous collection of jewelry that nurture your emotions and enhance the joy of gift-giving and receiving.
Elegance Guru - high quality luxurious gemstone jewelry


We have a luxurious collection of classic to cutting edge jewelry designs and unique styles. At Maroon Fabert, you will find a wide selection of fine jewelry, beautiful earrings and pendants, to exclusive bracelets as well as many unique and custom styles. Our spectacular range of jewelry is studded with a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones.
Handmade jewelry with gemstones such as garnets, tourmaline, peridot, amethyst, quartz, onyx, citrine, topaz, labradorite, moonstone and other precious and semi-precious stones. Our jewelry is carefully and lovingly crafted by hand, weaved, hammered, polished and perfected down to the last detail, including the chains, cords and findings.
Maroon Fabert - luxury jewelry


We will make you feel special. We realize that individual taste, styling and design are extremely important to you when you decide to make your jewelry purchase. Our goal is to provide quality products with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. We promise that you will be surprised and satisfied with your experience with us.
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We know that confidence in your jeweler comes from complete satisfaction with your purchase and your shopping experience. It is our belief at Maroon Fabert that trust, quality, loyalty, originality and customer satisfaction are the keys to success in our industry.
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us: maroonfabert@gmail.com.